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Bread Recipes


Bread is one of the oldest known prepared food in human history. Made from an emulsion of wheat flour and varying ingredients, flat breads exist in almost every culture on the planet.

I love bread! Be it unleavened or with yeast, I find bread making a satisfying challlenge! Featured here are some of my favourite recipes for Indian Flatbreads like Roti, Parotta and Naan, Durban Naan Bread and Pizza.  I've also grouped 'sweet bun' recipes like hot cross buns, raisin buns and chelsea buns in here too.

Indian Flat Breads



Soft Roti

Durban Naan Bread

Fried Breads


Fresh Cream Doughnuts

Baked Breads

Hot Cross Buns

Eggless Raisin Buns

Chelsea Buns

Pita Bread

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