Tis the Season To Be Sharing and To Be Thankful

Dear Readers

Amma was very fond of saying 'When we die we will take nothing with us'. The greatest joy in being alive is to enrich the lives of others in whatever way we can-just like Amma did.  Foodlikeammausedtomakeit.com is now 3 months old but has progressed beyond my expectations. It has gone from serving as a virtual home for my 3 sisters and I - to one that has  reached several thousands of readers (with little effort from me).

I would like to thank readers for the feedback and emails and for spreading the word-clearly you have done an excellent job!.

Food Like Amma.com is a free recipe resource made in the spirit of Amma- who always put the needs of others before herself hence this Blog will always remain free-in this spirit of Amma. If you have enjoyed reading the recipes then do share with family and friends.  Similarly if you have tried recipes or have questions then leave a comment or fill out the Contact Form. To make the Blog more user friendly I have added a new section for readers to submit recipes or request a recipe. 
All recipes in this form are received but it may take up to a week or two before I post the recipe in the Blog-I am after all just a one woman band.

I would like to wish all readers and their families a safe and Happy Festive Season! Thank you for your support and may you continue to enjoy reading this Blog in 2012.

Best Regards

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