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Lemon and Herb Whole Roasted Chicken

by Food Like Amma, March 11, 2012

Saturdays were special days. Apart from the joy of not having to attend school, it was also the day we usually took a trip to the nearest ‘hamlet’ - to shop and to visit the library – but most unusual was that we  did not eat ‘Indian food’ for dinner on Saturdays. Amma usually made baked crumbed chicken, pasta, cottage pie or whole roasted chicken. Amma was quite fussy about the type of chicken she used to make roast chicken. Although we grew our own chicken (Zulu fowls) Amma preferred roasting what she called  'fresh chicken' (the fat brown hens which she cut and cleaned herself). She usually stuffed the chicken with bread crumbs and garlic. The excess liquid from the roasting process was used to make her special gravy with grated potatoes and carrots for thick gravy.