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condensed milk recipe at home

by Food Like Amma, July 25, 2020
Condensed milk, like it‘s name suggests is a reduced form of milk. It is made by removing the water content in milk. It is available as sweetened condensed milk or unsweetened. In some countries evaporated milk is referred to as condensed milk. It is a key ingredients in several desserts, especially Indian sweets like burfee, gulab jamun and coconut ice. A very good reason to make your own at home. Growing up condensed milk was always one of the most expensive ingredient to buy, so Amma always used it sparingly and in the hope that everything made with this precious ingredient did not flop. Making homemade condensed milk is a simpler process than I imagined. It is a recipe that came about after much trial and error, finally I am pleased enough to share the results. Some homemade recipes use powdered milk and butter. This is a very simple recipes that is also easy to make using juts two ingredients sugar and milk. It is simply a milk and sugar mixture boiled until the sugar and milk form a thick syrup like texture.