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Spaghetti For Toddlers Recipe

by Food Like Amma, May 27, 2020

As a kid I loved playing with my food! (much to Amma’s dismay!). I loved to roll my spaghetti into small balls. The first time I ate spaghetti was when my sister (five years older than me) made it when we were home alone one day. It was simply boiled spaghetti with tomato sauce but it was the best thing I’d ever eaten back then! It was the sauce that made me love spaghetti forever! I thought it would elicit the same reaction from my son, but it seems a generational change also affects tastebuds! A few days ago I made it with homemade tomato sauce for my son. Much to my dismay, he took a paper towel and wiped off the sauce! He seems to be in a phase of wanting ‘no sauce’! only plain pasta. Dismayed as I was, he too loves to play with his food like I did! Amma would say, 'Karma'! I made these spaghetti squids, to get him to eat something more than just plain pasta. But it was a win win situation, because I have been waiting for this moment, to make him cute kid friendly food with faces! It seems to work. These squids went down very well, gherkins and all!