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wedding soji recipe

by Food Like Amma, July 10, 2020
Wedding Soji (Semolina Halwa,Halava) is a rich, creamy, pudding like desert often served at traditional Indian weddings in South Africa (at least it was when I was growing up). It is made from semolina or tasty wheat fried in sweetly spiced butter or ghee then simmered in cream. This celebratory version is a more decadent version of Amma‘s soji recipe. It is served with fresh cream and topped with slivered almonds, coconut or pistachios. Soji is known for it's thick sticky texture and may not be very likeable to everyone's taste buds, my husband and son think it tastes like porridge, but it is simply delicious to me. No doubt because of the nostalgia associated with it. As kids, there was always the anticipation of receiving wedding soji, only if you ate all your biryani and dahl. It is comparable with other childhood favorites  vermicelli and sweet rice. It can also be cooked dry, resembling Phutu.  Like the  name of this soji recipe suggests, is a celebratory one, that spares nothing!

south african soji recipe