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Mince Curry Recipe

by Food Like Amma, April 29, 2012

Mince Curry …the Economical Meat Curry 

Mince meat (ground meat) is not only one of the most versatile meat products but it is also the most economical choice - especially for family meals. Ideal for pasta dishes, burgers and curry too. Although mince meat is considered economical it was still quite expensive when shopping on a limited budget. Amma usually bought monthly groceries which meant freezing a month’s supply of meat. She would package each meat product into small portions - her method for expanding the quantities of meat curries was often to add potatoes and peas, guthra beans or double beans. This mince curry recipe contains peas and potatoes. Amma’s dictum for cooking meat curries was simple - they had to contain ginger, garlic and curry leaves.