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How To Make South African Slap Chips

by Food Like Amma, May 23, 2020
Ready made potato fries may offer convenience, but nothing quite compares to freshly cut, fried potatoes. Growing up in South Africa, we always referred to elongated sliced potatoes as chips. Other pseudonyms for this king of comfort food are French fries or pommes frites to name a few.  Chips as I knew them, from childhood, were typically thicker than French fries and was fried at a lower temperature for a longer period of time to achieve its crisp outside and soft inside. We ate them during the summer months more than usual because of the abundant supply of potatoes in Amma’s garden. It was even part of our Christmas Brunch, Amma’s Chops Chutney and chips. We also had chips sandwiches for school lunches. Amma’s chips were simply sprinkled with salt and or chilli powder and sometimes doused in vinegar, like slap chips. I discovered this deliciously ‘soggy’ version of chips while visiting Cape Town. Like chips in a roti roll, slap chips are a key component to Cape Town’s great ‘Gatsby’. This post features a Slap Chip Recipe, for  good old fashioned Amma's chips omit the vinegar.