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Eggless Donut Balls Recipe

by Food Like Amma, May 21, 2020

Donut balls are round bite sized mini donuts. These tiny treats also known as donut holes. They were originally made from the center piece of dough in traditional ring donuts (when made using a doughnut cutter). In case you were wondering why donut is called a donut? It may have something to do with these treats. They were referred to as fried nuts of dough because of their size hence dough nuts. While donut balls can be an economical method of using up all dough for when making doughnuts with a doughnut cutter they are tasty enough to warrant their very own recipe.They remind me very much of gulgula (Indian fried balls) which I recommend as the yeast free alternative for donuts balls. This donut recipe is an eggless one. Donut balls can be filled or coated in powered sugar or dipped in chocolate or a sugar glaze. Even stuck on a stick to make donut pops.