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chocolate shortbread recipe

by Food Like Amma, June 27, 2020
This chocolate shortbread recipe is a spin off from my last recipe, shortbread tart pastry with chocolate filling. It is a recipe based on classic shortbread made using the 1:2:3 ratio of sugar, butter and flour, but with added cocoa for a chocolaty version. The dough is versatile enough to shape into several forms, either as chocolate shortbread fingers, squares or sandwiched together to make homemade oreos. Shortbread biscuits remind me of Eat Sum Mor biscuits growing up in South Africa. I especially love making shortbread fingers and have made them on many occasions in different flavours, this is my first attempt at a chocolate version so I cannot compare results. I am however pleased with the outcome, these biscuits are crumbly and melt in the mouth like regular shortbread, only with an added chocolate taste sensation.

chocolate shortbread finger recipe