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South African Cabbage Curry Recipe

by Food Like Amma, August 13, 2020

South African cabbage curry, as I know it; is a mild yet piquant dish. Cabbage curry, like Amma used to make it, was what she termed ‚'braised cabbage'. Thinly sliced cabbage steamed in fried onion and dried chillies. The dish often contained potatoes. It formed part of the vegetable trio of pumpkin and mixed vegetable curry for porridge prayers. It is prepared in the same manner as watercress curry and has a likeness to pumpkin curry, except it does not contain spices whole or otherwise. It got it's slightly sharp taste from dried chilli and a sweetness from the cabbage and onions. This simple vegetable curry can be served on its own or as a vegetable accompaniment to meat.  It can be enjoyed on its own or with roti or phutu.