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dhal roti recipe south africa

by Food Like Amma, July 21, 2020

Dhal roti is a flat bread (roti) stuffed with a spiced dhal mash. Similar recipes in the Indian diaspora include Dhal Puri. This South African version of dhal roti is unleavened and is made using just three ingredients flour, boiling water and vegetable oil in the roti dough and melted butter or ghee to coat the cooked roti. The dahl is soaked overnight and cooked with jeera (cumin) coriander and green chilli, then mashed to form the filling of the roti. It is less time consuming than making parotta and requires a little more patience than making plain roti, but is worth the effort. It is best enjoyed with a dry curry like mutton fry or braised chicken or vegetable curries like cauliflower curry or pumpkin curry.

south african dhal roti recipe