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Express Chocolate Cake in Less 5 Minutes

by Food Like Amma, November 01, 2011
Amma usually made a cake for our birthdays-mostly a vanilla sponge cake with butter cream icing topped with  'hundred and thousands beads'. In keeping with this 'tradition' November is a month of cake! With four people in my life having a birthday this month, equals a cake every week! This month I will share some of Amma’s cake recipes and a few new findings too. The first cake recipe for this 'month of cake’ is the simplest one (Happy Birthday S!)- but also dubbed the ‘most dangerous cake’-  one can have express chocolate cake-or double chocolate cake within 5 minutes. I have tried two of these deadly ‘5 minute chocolate cake recipes’- the first is a regular chocolate cake and the second is a low carb version (minus the chocolate topping ) pictured below.

express chocolate cake