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White Bean Dip

by Food Like Amma, May 09, 2012

Apart from serving as a mainstay of the perfect Durban Beans Bunny -  white kidney beans also serves as  a delectable  spread  or dip when puréed . The neutral taste of white beans enables their versatility of taste sensations when combined with different spices. This simple white bean dip involves braising white beans with cumin seeds and chili flakes then blending with garlic and lemon juice to form a creamy- guilt free snack or filler for pita breads.

Spicy White Bean Dip Recipe

Recipe By Georgia
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 Minutes


  • 300g canned or pre boiled White Kidney Beans
  • 1 leveled tablespoon cumin seeds
  • Half teaspoon chilli flakes (or desired limit )
  • Juice of one lemon
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Half teaspoon garamasla
  • Half teaspoon salt
  • Half teaspoon olive oil for braising
  • Additional olive oil for topping
  • 75ml lukewarm water or plain yogurt
  • Optional Coriander

Cooking Directions

1. Heat a pan on medium heat. Toast cumin seeds.

2. Add oil. Add the kidney beans. Add chill flakes and crushed garlic. Retain on heat until the beans start to brown slightly. Add garamasala and salt. Braise for 2-4 minutes on low heat.

3. Remove from heat. Allow cooling for 5 minutes then add lemon juice and water or yogurt. Blend to form a smooth paste.

4. To weaken the consistency of the bean dip add boiled cooled water or yogurt.Top with olive oil. Serve with toasted pita bread or sliced vegetables.

Cannellini Bean Chocolate Cookies

by Food Like Amma, March 26, 2012
The term 'baked beans' takes on a whole new meaning with these cannellini bean chocolate cookies –cookies made from bean purée. I first heard about these flour free - fat free cookies from my younger sister but found that bean paste has long been a key ingredient in Asian Confectionery. Cannellini beans tend to have a rather bland taste unless accompanied by secondary ingredients-which make them ideal for making cookies - add berries or cocoa powder to make different flavored ones. When blended (with skin) the beans form a smooth cookie dough texture-silkier than cookie press dough! Best of all it does not require any butter, oils or milk.

How to Cut Green Beans

by Food Like Amma, October 17, 2011

Amma used to start by clipping off the ends of the green beans then slicing them into thin slices.
Green Beans Curry © 2011 l

Green Beans Curry © 2011 l

How To Cook Sugar Beans Curry

by Food Like Amma, September 22, 2011
Sugar bean curry was the epitome of a meatless Monday dinner in my childhood home. Made with barlotti beans, this protein-packed legume is first, boiled then simmered in a broth of fragrant spices cinnamon, cardamom and Durban masala. A generous portion of onion, ginger and garlic accounts for the lush gravy in this curry. This dish sometimes contains potatoes. While family recipes vary, Amma‘s Durban style bean curry often included dry fish. Her typical method for expanding the quantity of a meat curry was to add beans. Sugar beans are also an essential component for making lamb trotters curry. For a Durban style chilli con carne, add mincemeat. Sugar bean curry is best served with soft roti.

 This post features a few tips on how to cook barlotti beans, how to reduce bloat from beans and the sugar bean recipe in a printable recipe card. To read simply scroll or jump to the recipe.

Green Beans Curry

by Food Like Amma, September 04, 2011
Green Beans were one of the most fruitful produce from our back garden. Amma would use this to make Green Beans curry, add it to Breyani or leave the beans on the plant until it formed what was called Guthra beans. These would be used to increase quantities of Chicken and Mutton Curry or cooked on its own in dishes like-braised Guthra Beans, Guthra Beans and Potatoes or dried to make Sugar Beans Curry .

Green Beans Curry © 2011 l