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How To Cook Sugar Beans Curry

by Food Like Amma, September 22, 2011
Sugar bean curry was the epitome of a meatless Monday dinner in my childhood home. Made with barlotti beans, this protein-packed legume is first, boiled then simmered in a broth of fragrant spices cinnamon, cardamom and Durban masala. A generous portion of onion, ginger and garlic accounts for the lush gravy in this curry. This dish sometimes contains potatoes. While family recipes vary, Amma‘s Durban style bean curry often included dry fish. Her typical method for expanding the quantity of a meat curry was to add beans. Sugar beans are also an essential component for making lamb trotters curry. For a Durban style chilli con carne, add mincemeat. Sugar bean curry is best served with soft roti.

 This post features a few tips on how to cook barlotti beans, how to reduce bloat from beans and the sugar bean recipe in a printable recipe card. To read simply scroll or jump to the recipe.