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Easy Way to Make Bunny Chow

by Food Like Amma, July 11, 2020
Bunny Chow, is a uniquely South African dish. It is  comprised of hollowed out loaf bread, filled with a delicious ‚Durban style curry‘, paired with a carrot salad and washed down with a cola. The origins of this dish are vague, according to some sources it was created by the Bania caste of Indian immigrants in Durban, hence the name bunny chow. This clears up any association with baby rabbits. Chow is South African slang for food. Like pizza, it may have evolved as a simple yet effective means to carry food without a container. It can be enjoyed without a plate, anywhere or anytime of day making it a well loved street food. The dish is thought to have been a vegetarian one, filled with beans, but has evolved to include mutton and beef to attract a broader and growing fan base. Amma was fond of making bunny chow with fresh brown bread filled with Sundays best mutton curry or sugar beans curry. We grew up with tales of her youth in Durban and the notion that the best bunny chow came from Durban's Victory Lounge, (then in the Grey Street area). It would be unfair not mention Durban's Orientals restaurant at The Workshop, (from my youth),which in my opinion made the best beans curry in the world, second only to Amma‘s kidney beans curry.

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