South African Indian Food

The preparation of food is an Art -like most forms of Art it is also based on principles which when combined with the individuals sense of creativity results in the proverbial ‘masterpiece‘. Many of our grandmothers and mothers however, did not have these principles in the form of a book but often relied on intuitive methods of cooking –cooking with limited ingredients dictated by economic circumstances-not to mention recipes passed on by word of mouth.

South African Indian Food –is a unique food which tends to differ from region to region as much as it differs among individual families. Some of the foods eaten by my paternal family for example were often foreign to my maternal family and vice versa. Dishes often varied according to economic circumstances, as much as it did the availability of ingredients. Though many dishes may bear resemble to dishes prepared in the East Indian Kitchen-most South African Indian Foods resume the name Curry in their title preceded by the type of meat or vegetable contained in the dish. 

South African Indian Recipes

Food Like Amma Used To Make It

Find a large selection of South African Indian recipes right here - in this Blog. Browse the RECIPE INDEX for South African Indian favourites including vegetable curries, meat curries, south african indian prayer food and more.

Indian Delights by the Women’s Cultural Group
Indian Delights is considered the Bible of  South Africa Indian Cookery. Apart from recipes the book is full of anecdotes and advice. Fifty years since its publication-the book still remains as the most comprehensive collection of recipes from Bread Curry to Boti Curry and Swedish Ring Cake.[Read Review

Traditional Indian Cooking In South Africa By Ramola Parbhoo

Traditional Indian Cooking In South Africa-is a book about the family recipes of Ramola Parbhoo. Beautifully photographed with clear instructions simple enough for beginners to cook delicious North Indian dishes [Book Review]

Asha Maharaj's Recipes

Asha Maharaj a household name in South Africa-Amma was a big fan of. I have not seen the book but Asha Maharaj's Cookbook: Cooking With Asha Maharaj can be purchased at Bid or
Books retail from R 175 (as indicated in Chef Magazine Issue 20).