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1. Can I download recipes? 

Users are allowed to download, share and print recipes for personal use only. Content cannot be sold or used in other online or print media.

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2. Are Recipes on this site for free?

All recipes on www.foodlikeammausedtomakeit.info are free. (for personal use see 1.) There are  no membership fees or hidden costs. When you subscribe via email you simply receive an email each time I publish a new recipe.

You can however  show your support by telling family and friends about the site and by liking the Facebook page.   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Food-Like-Amma-Used-To-Make-It/235306983177253

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3. Does the puri recipe need baking powder or self rising flour?
No use cake flour or all purpose flour no baking powder needed.

4. What type of rice did you use in the sweet rice recipe?
I used milk rice -i.e rice for making rice pudding. The South African equivalent is simply known as white rice...found in most supermarkets.

5. Please can I have a Duck Curry Recipe

Unfortunately the best duck is available around Christmas...will post this recipe then..stay tuned!

6. Who owns this site? 

www.foodlikeammausedtomakeit.info  is owned and executed by Georgia

 7. Can I Blog about your blog/recipes:

Yes you can  provided you provide a link back to the original content. Content cannot be changed in any way, remixed, tweaked, or  built upon the content of this domain. Content cannot be used for commercial purposes.

8. Can I use your Pictures in my Blog?

The use of photographs in Blogs and online publications is not allowed. Please review and respect the Copyright Policy.

9. Can I print and keep your recipes in a File at home?
Readers are free to print recipes and store for personal use- but not to sell or exchange for monetary or other forms of compensation.

10. How much is one cup of flour?
  • One standard cup is 240ml this yields 125 g flour. Similarly if the recipe calls for one cup-use 125g of that ingredient.
11. 'Please can you email me the recipe'

Recipes are already available free on the Blog. No recipes will be mailed privately. By adding Subscribing via email  you will recieve an email notifying you of any new recipes posted. The full recipe will not be mailed to subscribers only notification of new posts.
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