whole wheat roti recipe

by Food Like Amma, November 24, 2020

Whole Wheat Roti vs White Flour Roti 

 The South African soft butter roti I grew up on, is typically made from white flour or even cake flour. Delicious as they are, they are not a friend of blood sugar levels or heart health. With more readers and myself making homemade bread and roti than ever before thanks to COVID-19, it seems necessary to consider new and healthier ways of making old favourites. Whole wheat roti is considered healthy enough for its daily consumption on the Indian subcontinent. It is made using unrefined or brown flour (also known as atta). This type of flour is considered healthier than its refined counterpart white flour (maida). Most recipes include just two ingredients wholewheat flour and water and the minimal use of oil and butter supplement its fame as a healthier choice than white flour-butter roti. This recipe is an adaptation of Amma's soft roti recipe. I recently discovered it mentioned in the South African Sunday Times as one of the best roti recipes you will stumble across. I replaced the white flour with wholewheat flour. For added flavour, I included gram flour(chickpea flour). I also substituted seed oil with olive oil instead. The added butter after cooking is optional. The result is soft brown roti. The fact that they are less calorific makes this type of roti more lovable.


whole wheat roti recipe

oat flour pancakes with banana

by Food Like Amma, November 19, 2020

Pancakes are usually a Sunday treat, but my son has been home, sick this week and without much of an appetite. He usually loves oat porridge for breakfast, so it was not too difficult to convince him of oat  pancakes!   I began making oat flour at home about three years ago when he started eating solid foods. At the time I made oat banana muffins. This recipe is a simple adaptation including milk to make a more pourable pancake mixture. If you‘ve tried my crumpets recipe, I can safely say these oat flour pancakes have the same soft texture as regular flour ones.   

oat flour pancakes with bananas



easy broccoli salad recipe

by Food Like Amma, November 18, 2020

 This easy Broccoli salad makes for a light transition to clean eating after indulging in Diwali sweets. I assure you, even if you are less of a fan of broccoli than I am you too will love this salad. It is steamed broccoli florets doused in a coriander and mint dressing. It could be the addition of dates to the dressing that account for it‘s a tasty appeal. Not to mention the bejeweled pomegranate seeds which not only add visual appeal but also crunch to this easy salad. For a diabetic friendly or Keto version simply omit the dates.

broccoli salad

canned fish patties recipe

by Food Like Amma, November 01, 2020

This fish patty recipe, made from canned fish is versatile enough to make using any type of canned fish including salmon, tuna or pilchards. It is not just an economical meal meal but tastes delicious too. An essential ingredient for making fish cakes includes eggs and a crumb or flour binding agent. I prefer using chana flour (gram flour) which results in a chilli bites taste sensation. Similarly, cake flour or almond flour or mashed potatoes can be used. Crushed crackers or breadcrumbs work just as well. These patties can be seasoned with any fresh herb or powdered spices. In this recipe, I have opted for a pinch of Durban Masala, fresh green chillies, garlic and coriander, combined with tuna fish and chana flour. The resultant taste is reminiscent of Sri Lanka prawn Vada, a spicy fish patty that can be enjoyed with tomato chutney, tartare sauce or as a fish burger. 


canned tuna fish cakes