easy oven-baked garlic prawns recipe

by Food Like Amma, January 03, 2021

I have used more frozen food products during the past year than I have during the last decade. Their convenience has grown on me, especially vegetables which require very little preparation. Most surprising is frozen raw seafood. This New Years‘s Eve, I discovered that you can bake frozen prawns! It is not fresh off the boat but satisfying none the less. The key is preparation - defrosting and not to overcook.  I made garlic prawns and squid in the oven. It was my first experience with frozen prawns, a rather satisfying one. They are certainly better suited for making prawn biryani than pre-cooked ones are. For this recipe, I opted for a lemon, rosemary and olive oil marinade. My favoured flavour combination after making lemon and rosemary leg of lamb. I used olive oil instead of butter, under the guise of a healthy start to the year. Served with oven Belgian fries (believe it or not also considered a healthy potato chip) More about that in another post. The perfect compliment to this meal was tapenade and dry white wine.

oven-baked garlic prawns recipe

leg of lamb with lemon rosemary and garlic

by Food Like Amma, January 01, 2021

Roast leg of lamb was a typical New Year's Day dinner, growing up. Over the years it evolved from Amma‘s  lamb pot roast to more elaborate creations by my older sister. Lamb roast recipes which included the use of red wine both in cooking the lamb itself and in making poached pears for dessert. This New Year‘s Day I am opting for seafood (oven-baked prawns and squid) for a light end to an extraordinary annus horribilis. Horrible the year may have been in changing the way we live, I for one am grateful and glad to have had time with my family, good health and the opportunity to write this blog again. Back to that roast recipe. This Christmas I made leg of lamb with rosemary, garlic and lemon, a change from my usual mint and garlic lamb. I am fond of using these flavour combinations for making roast chicken, it was my first attempt at rosemary lamb. Rosemary is apart of the mint family Lamiaceae, along with basil, oregano and thyme which make it a worthy complement to lamb meat. I combined rosemary with lemon and garlic. Lemon to help tenderize the meat and garlic for its ever-faithful flavour contribution to any dish. I used a rather large portion of lamb, slow cooked over four hours with noteworthy results, succulent, delectable lamb.

lamb with rosemary lemon and garlic

whole orange almond cake with cardamom

by Food Like Amma, December 04, 2020

There are so many reasons to love this cake. Fragrant ingredients like orange and cardamom and no flour, butter or oil. A cake with a dense, pound cake-like texture, made without flour, butter or oil? Sounds impossible right? this whole orange and almond flour cake is just that. A cake without the ingredients listed but results in a dense pound cake-like texture with the  sweet aroma of orange and almonds. It is made with whole oranges, peel and all! The oranges are boiled then blended to form a thick paste-like texture, which combined with eggs, ground almonds and baking powder results in a perfect cake. Added cardamom adds to the appeal of this cake. It is reminiscent of a Persian love cake or Spanish and Italian orange sponge cakes. It also reminds me of semolina cake but  a less calorific version.

whole orange almond cake with cardamom

chutney and cheese stuffed portobello mushrooms

by Food Like Amma, November 30, 2020

I have a few recipe variations for making stuffed mushrooms. This chutney and cheese stuffed portobello recipe is my favourite because it reminds me of a childhood favourite - Amma's tomato chutney. This recipe is portobellos drizzled with a bit of olive oil, baked in the oven then topped with piquant tomato chutney, feta or homemade paneer. Bake until the cheese melts, top with fresh coriander. Enjoy a gluten-free, vegetarian and guilt-free lunch, dinner or snack.

stuffed portobello mushrooms