mushroom biryani recipe

by Food Like Amma, October 15, 2020

Mushrooms fleshy texture and distinct taste make for a pleasant meat substitute and the perfect ingredient for a vegetarian biryani. This simple mushroom biryani is composed of rice steamed over a duet of porcini and oyster mushrooms simmered in biryani spice and coconut milk. It is simple enough to make as a weekday spicy treat or as a celebratory weekend dish. Use a combination of different mushrooms for added flavour and texture. Apart from their unique taste, mushrooms also have nutritional benefits. White button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) in particular are one of the only non-meat produce with a high vitamin D content, another good reason to eat more mushrooms.


mushroom Biryani

eggless chocolate sheet cake recipe

by Food Like Amma, October 12, 2020
eggless chocolate cake

One of the challenges of birthdays during Purtassi is finding an eggless cake recipe that works. This eggless chocolate cake is a predecessor to the last cake I made about a month ago, in preparation for my sons birthday. I opted for a sheet cake instead of layer cake because of the theme of this years birthday, Pirates.  I also love sheet cakes because they are so easy to make. A thin cake layer smothered in frosting. Cover with an icing sugar or chocolate ganache layer in equal or double thickness for maximum delectability. 

The Best Eggless Birthday Cake Recipe

by Food Like Amma, September 13, 2020

the best eggless birthday cake

My son has a birthday during the fasting period (Purtassi), so finding the best eggless birthday cake recipe has been one of my prime pastimes lately. Last year I made an eggless chocolate cake decorated with Fireman Sam figures. This years theme looks set to be pirates! To practice for the big day, I made tried this vanilla sponge cake using buttermilk and olive oil. This recipe results in a soft, moist cake. Perfect for making layer cakes sandwiched with icing or jam. I was very pleased with the result, hence this post to share it with you. Instead of buttercream icing, I opted for a cream cheese frosting and topped with hundreds and thousands just like Amma used to make our birthday cakes.