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Mixed vegetable curry recipe

by Food Like Amma, 8/06/2020

Mixed vegetable curry, as I know it growing up in South Africa, was synonymous with Porridge prayers (mariamman prayer). It is a medley of mixed vegetables with a characteristically sour taste from the combination of brinjal and tomatoes. It formed part of the trio of vegetable curries for the morning  prayer - pumpkin curry ,cabbage curry and mixed curry to accompany sour porridge. The afternoon was followed by veda, gulgula , a soji lamp (maviliku) and chicken curry with rice and roti. Mixed curry itself varies according to family recipes. Amma‘s mixed curry was made from a combination of vegetables we loved to eat and those readily available from Amma's garden at the time. Amadumbe (yams), brinjal, double beans, green beans, cauliflower, calabash and gathra beans. This vegetable curry can be made with any combination of vegetables and using frozen vegetables of choice too. For that authentic sour taste of Durban mix curry I recommend using brinjal and a little tomato. For a thick gravy I use onion, ginger and garlic. For a weeknight curry Amma often made mix curry with dry fish.

dry chicken curry recipe

by Food Like Amma, 7/25/2020
Dry chicken curry is chicken pieces braised in a combination of dry and powdered masala. Much like Chicken Chukka, a less known restaurant favourite than korma and chicken tikka masala, it does not contain added tomatoes or water like Durban a chicken curry does. It cooks on low heat with moisture from the chicken itself. The combination of onion and masalas form a thick lush sauce like coating around the meat. It is best served with a vegetable accompaniment, I recommend Dhal and soft roti to mop it up.

condensed milk recipe at home

by Food Like Amma, 7/25/2020
Condensed milk, like it‘s name suggests is a reduced form of milk. It is made by removing the water content in milk. It is available as sweetened condensed milk or unsweetened. In some countries evaporated milk is referred to as condensed milk. It is a key ingredients in several desserts, especially Indian sweets like burfee, gulab jamun and coconut ice. A very good reason to make your own at home. Growing up condensed milk was always one of the most expensive ingredient to buy, so Amma always used it sparingly and in the hope that everything made with this precious ingredient did not flop. Making homemade condensed milk is a simpler process than I imagined. It is a recipe that came about after much trial and error, finally I am pleased enough to share the results. Some homemade recipes use powdered milk and butter. This is a very simple recipes that is also easy to make using juts two ingredients sugar and milk. It is simply a milk and sugar mixture boiled until the sugar and milk form a thick syrup like texture.

mother in law masala recipe

by Food Like Amma, 7/24/2020

What Is Mother in law Masala?

Mother in law masala (also known as mother in law's tongue masala) is a uniquely Durban blend of spice. It‘s deep colour and fiery taste are a masala manifestation of the sharp tongued mother-in-law stereo type. It is unclear why the mother-in-laws of Durban have been revered in this form. None the less it is one of the most loved spices for making hot curries. Like the Durban masala, this masala (and most mother-in-laws) are not just all fire, but also have underlying notes of aroma and sweetness to them.

dhal roti recipe south africa

by Food Like Amma, 7/21/2020

Dhal roti is a flat bread (roti) stuffed with a spiced dhal mash. Similar recipes in the Indian diaspora include Dhal Puri. This South African version of dhal roti is unleavened and is made using just three ingredients flour, boiling water and vegetable oil in the roti dough and melted butter or ghee to coat the cooked roti. The dahl is soaked overnight and cooked with jeera (cumin) coriander and green chilli, then mashed to form the filling of the roti. It is less time consuming than making parotta and requires a little more patience than making plain roti, but is worth the effort. It is best enjoyed with a dry curry like mutton fry or braised chicken or vegetable curries like cauliflower curry or pumpkin curry.

south african dhal roti recipe

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