"Who knows only his own generation remains  always a child" - Cicero

The preparation of food, like culture and tradition is passed down from one generation to the next-not just recipes but there’s always a story behind it too.

Food..."like Amma used to make it" is a  memoir food blog  by me  - Georgia  - sharing childhood recipes through memories of a mother (Amma 1946-2001). A platform to share Amma's treasured recipes and my own Amma inspired creations-with my sisters and those with a love for food or perhaps those with a longing for... food like their Amma used to make it.

The name 'food like Amma used to make it' came about as a result of my younger sisters reference to our childhood foods  by use of the name of the dish followed by ...like amma used to make it

 I started this Blog in September 2011 (as a hobby)  after searching in vain for a Gulab Jamun recipe (like Amma used to make it). There was none in sight so this search partly inspired the creation of this  blog  -  a place to share Amma's recipes with my sisters and the world! 

While this blog features several of Amma's authentic recipes...there are also those inspried by global cusines...from travels and friends recipes, hence 'like Amma used to make it' also implies the same homemade wholesome goodness with which my mother -  Amma prepared the meals in our home.

Enjoy these recipes as much as Amma enjoyed making them and don't forget to share them too!