How To Cut Pumpkin

1.  Depending on the size and type of pumpkin you have, you may encounter some difficulty when tying to cut this vegetable. If the pumpkin is too hard to cut then it may be best to simply crack it open by throwing it onto a hard surface (the kitchen floor works quite well), though do  watch out for splashes. To avoid a yellow mess simply kneel down on the floor, hold the pumpkin with two hands then smash on the floor. This should help prevent pumpkin seeds from flying all over the kitchen.

2. If you have a soft skinned pumpkin then simply cut the pumpkin in half .Scoop out the seeds with a teaspoon-this is the simplest way to clean out a pumpkin. Next step simply slice into thin slices.This makes it easier to peel. Once peeled, cut into cubes. (See demo pics below).

Step1: Insert Knife into Pumpkin

Step2: Cut into two pieces
Step: Slice into thin slices then remove the thick peel.

Step 4: Dice into cubes then cook

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