Mutton Soup

Welcome Autum! The chilly winds of this colour shifting season remind me of Amma’s famous Mutton Soup. Special ingredients for this dish included ‘soup bones’ these were pieces of bone with a few ounces of meat still left on them. We used to get our supply of ‘soup bones’ from Amma's sister. This soup was one of our favourite meals during our times of ‘economic hardship’. Under normal circumstances- Amma used to make soup with normal pieces of mutton bought from the butchery.
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Though Amma’s mutton soup will always remind us of the trying times, it also has with it many happy memories too, as my younger sister will recall 'eating soup while watching Brisco County Junior’ (Non family readers mind my reticent rhetoric—this is something-- only my little sister has fond memories).
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To make soup like Amma used to you don’t necessarily have to find yourself in harsh economic realities (although one could say -you couldn’t find a more apt time than now—given the current world economic situation). Back to that Mutton soup recipe…you will need:
  •  Cubed pieces of Mutton
  •  2 onions (make this one if you are not a fan of onion).Slice into rings.
  • Half a teaspoon of black pepper corns
  • Thyme
  • Half a cup peas
  • Half a cup carrots
  • Potatoes
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 3 cups water

Start by browning the meat. This will also determine the color of your soup-the more brown the meat the more brown the color of your soup. Add some onion (half) Make sure the meat ‘seals’ i.e. it’s is browned on both sides.
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Add pepper corns and thyme and let the onions caramelise
Add a cup of water then add all vegetables. Add salt then let the soup cook until the vegetables are cooked. Once the potatoes are soft you can thicken your soup. If you prefer your soup weaker then omit the next step.
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To thicken the soup Amma used flour and water. Mix one tablespoon flour with 5 tablespoons water to form a thin paste. Pour this into your soup then mix well. Allow two minutes to boil then remove from stove. Serve while warm.

Amma served her Mutton Soup with dumplings. She used to add them on top of the soup then turn the heat to low allowing them 10-12 minutes to cook.

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