Jam Tart Recipe

To make Jam Tarts follow the Pastry Recipe in the previous post . The only other ingredient you need is Jam. Choose the jam flavor of your choice. Another suitable pastry shell recipe is the one I use for mince pies. This is a soft flaky texture which literally melts in the mouth!
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1. Make the Tart Pastry. (View the Tart Pastry Recipe from the previous post or my Fruit Mince Pie Recipe).

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2. Remove the pastry from the refrigerator. Roll into a flat sheet then use a scone or cookie cutter to cut into circles. Place into a cupcake or muffin pan then drop in a teaspoon of jam.
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3. Use remaining dough to cut thin strips. Place strips in diagonals over the jam tarts.
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4. Bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

5. Remove from oven. Serve as desired.

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