Brinjal Curry

Brinjal curry is very special to me, not only was it the first curry I ever cooked, but it is also my favorite vegetable curry second only to Green Beans. I especially loved Amma's Brinjal Curry, her special recipe which contained boiled eggs. I image this recipe came about in response to my father’s constant complaining having to eat vegetable curries. Amma’s Brinjal curry recipe was very simple. It just contained brinjal, onion, chilli powder, salt and water. It must be the love she made it with that made it taste so good.

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When we were little, my younger sister and I loved to collect the vegetable peels while Amma was cooking. We would turn these scraps into our own curry, in spoons we used to call ‘flat spoons’ which closely resembled small frying pans. A more accurate description would be that they looked like Chinese soup spoons- except the ones we used were made from metal not porcelain. We used to copy Amma, cooking in our flat spoons on the coal stove.

Amma most often used the long slender Brinjal which she would pick from the back garden. To make Brinjal curry like Amma used to, you will need one aubergine, 1 tablespoon oil, 1 tablespoon chilli powder or masala, salt, one cup of water. (You can vary these quantities depending on how much you would like to cook or increase the spice content if you prefer the dish to be more pungent.

Next step heat your pan, add the oil then onions and fry until the onions start to brown and soften. I prefer large slices of onion for brinjal curry so I have sliced the onion instead of chopping it. Add curry powder. Let this mixture braise for a few minutes, careful not to burn the chilli powder.
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Add brinjal then add salt and a cup of water to let the brinjal cook.
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Once the water has evaporated you can lower the heat letting the aubergine dry out. Add shelled boiled eggs into the pan mix with the Aubergine. Careful not to break the egg. Cut the eggs in half or serve whole…this is a personal preference. Serve Brinjal and egg curry with rice or roti.

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